We are always looking for additional help…whether it be for library session roster duty, events, fundraising, working bees or becoming a committee member.

Library Session Roster Duty

Volunteers are welcome to bring their children, and along with our very knowledgeable library co-ordinator Ayse during sessions, you have plenty of support!

Your duties during library sessions would include:

  • assessing & cleaning toys
  • organising shelves and displays
  • labelling new toys
  • welcoming members and potential new members.

Benefits of volunteering at library sessions:

  • being able to borrow toys as soon as they are returned
  • seeing the range of toys available easily
  • ability to borrow 2 extra toys on top of membership limit
  • your roster duty levy is refunded (partial or in full depending on activities completed by the end of your membership year).

Members: nominate yourself for roster duty by logging-in to your account at https://kewtoylibrary.setls.com.au

For further information, please visit the Kew Toy Library or call us on (03) 9853 9043 during opening hours



Volunteering at Events

Head to our Events page for the latest events volunteering opportunities.  http://www.kewtoylibrary.org.au/index.php/events/


Become a Committee Member

If you need to increase your volunteer hours to fulfill childcare benefit requirements or just want to simply be a part of our enthusiastic committee, please contact Esther at president@kewtoylibrary.org.au for details.


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