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Donate toys

Yes! We take toy donations!


Children often outgrow or get bored with their toys. If you have toys that have been unloved for a while, we would welcome your donation to boost our toy collection. 

Toys do not need to be new, but they do need to be suitable enough to give to a friend.

Donated toys should also be:

  • Clean

  • Safe for future play

  • Durable and robust

  • Well designed and constructed

  • Easy to clean (no soft toys, dolls or teddies)

  • Complete with accessories and parts (we sometimes accept toys with missing bits and pieces such as Little People characters, as we can use them for spare parts)

  • Suitable for children from birth to 12 years old.

Please contact us during our opening hours on 0492 949 738 or by email at if you have questions about donating toys.

You can bring them in during opening hours, but please do not leave by the door outside of session times.

Many thanks to those who have already donated toys, like those below, to our collection. We appreciate your generous support.

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