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To build and sustain a connected community of families and carers who are passionate about their children’s development. This will be achieved through the offering of a non-profit community service providing learning opportunities in multiple areas for children of all abilities aged 0-12.



To support local children from the Boroondara Council area aged 0-12 to play, learn and grow in a safe space through the use of toys that promote play-based learning. This will be achieved through:

  • Fostering and promoting opportunities for children to play with, learn from and grow alongside items available from the toy catalogue

  • Providing a nurturing community hub where local families can meet, borrow toys, receive information and share equipment, ideas and experiences

  • Promoting and advancing a centre where children of all abilities can meet and interact with other children through play

  • Reducing the environmental impact of ongoing toy purchasing, upgrading and renewal, as well as reducing financial outlays for members and their families.Supporting the development and education of the Toy Library Coordinator and volunteer base in recognition of the crucial role they play in the successful delivery of this member based service

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